Watch the full Game of Thrones musical starring Coldplay and the cast

We've seen the teasers, but here's the whole thing in all its brilliance...

Coldplay has unveiled the full behind-the-scenes mockumentary about the making of its Game of Thrones musical. Sadly, the production is (probably) not coming to the West End anytime soon but if you like W1A, Coldplay, Game of Thrones, comedy, music… actually, if you’re a human being, you’ll love this US Red Nose Day gem.


Jaime Lannister sings a heart-felt ballad about incest, Ygritte stares longingly at Jon Snow, Daenerys goes Rastafarian, Ramsay Bolton gets really excited about music, and there’s even a cheery number all about the Red Wedding. 


Here’s Coldplay’s Game of Thrones musical in all its full 12-minute glory…