Emmerdale summer storylines to feature “hot sex and desperate infidelity”

Passions are ignited and relationships will be pushed to the brink on the ITV soap


Emmerdale fans are in for a summer of infidelity – and a disaster that could leave lives hanging in the balance.


The ITV soap has today unveiled a series of storylines that John Whiston – creative director, serial dramas – today described as being filled with “hot sex and desperate infidelity”.

At the heart of the drama is Debbie Dingle, who fears that she is about to marry the wrong Barton brother. With her head having been turned by bad boy Ross, is getting wed to safe and stable Pete really the best move? Will Debbie give in to her feelings? Will she make it down the aisle? And if the betrayal is revealed – how will Pete react? We’re promised scenes of “pure, brotherly hatred between Pete and Ross”.

Then there’s that other Dales love triangle between Robert, Aaron and Chrissie. We’ve already seen Chrissie threaten to burn Robert to death after discovering that he orchestrated the raid at Home Farm. Just imagine how that sense of anger is going to escalate once she learns of Robert’s affair with Aaron. Apparently nobody is safe where Chrissie’s retribution is concerned…

Finally we have businessman Jai Sharma playing away from home again with Leyla. But his trysts will get unwittingly exposed and Jai is unaware of the fact that wife Megan knows the truth. Viewers look set to be kept guessing as to how Megan will wreak revenge.

All the action is building towards Debbie and Pete’s wedding – but could calamity strike just as the bride and groom are about to say “I do”? And will all the residents of the village make it through the day in one piece?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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