Jai leaves Rachel “trapped, screaming and in fear of her life”, reveals Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten

"Rachel realises that Jai will do anything to get his son for himself. All he has to do is get rid of Rachel to get his baby"

Rachel Breckle’s life will be put on the line when her attempt to get one over on Jai Sharma backfires dramatically.


Rachel is to confront Jai after learning that he was behind Charity’s kidnap and imprisonment last year. But rather than being on her guard, Rachel believes she can use the situation to her advantage.

“Instead of feeling fear, Rachel feels empowered,” says actress Gemma Oaten. “She confronts him at Amba’s birthday party and does so in a very contained and controlled way. At first, Jai is stumped but – as the audience is starting to see – Jai always has a way of coming back at her.”

On this occasion, Jai’s strategy is to lure Rachel to the factory under the pretence of it being a work-related issue. But when Rachel tries to turn the tables by telling Jai that she wants full control of Archie’s life, events take a surprising turn.

“Jai leads Rachel into a situation that she couldn’t have foreseen,” continues Oaten. “As a result, she ends up trapped, in distress, screaming and in fear of her life.”

Show bosses are remaining tight-lipped as to what it is that happens to Rachel, but the experience leaves her shaken and desperate to flee the village with Sam, Samson and Archie in tow.

“After what happens to her, Rachel realises that Jai will do anything to get his son for himself. All he has to do is get rid of Rachel to get his baby. And the event at the factory leaves her in no doubt as to what Jai is capable of.

“So Rachel tells Sam that she wants them all to move away and start again somewhere else, but do so in secret. She doesn’t want to live in fear. Sam is quite resistant at first because he’s loyal to the Dingles, but he loves Rachel and wants to stick by her. So they do make plans to leave.”

The trouble is that Sam goes against Rachel’s wishes and confesses to Lisa and Zak that he and Rachel are secretly leaving with the kids. It’s not long before Lisa is knocking on Jai’s door. And clever Jai soon scuppers their plan leaving Rachel furious – but viewers may be surprised as to who feels the brunt of her anger.

“Rachel does something she immediately regrets and takes her fury out on Sam. Now, I’m an actress and I’ll always invest in whatever storylines come my way, but even I didn’t see this coming,” says Oaten. “I was shocked to read it in the script.”

And it seems that viewers can expect further surprises in upcoming storylines. “The future is awkward and eventful for all concerned. Rachel despises Jai, but he has the power to make her disappear if he wanted. He really is a force to be reckoned with.”

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