Hollyoaks spoilers: Freddie drags Mercedes back home, plus Joe starts a fight at the wedding

18-22 May: Plus Sinead kisses Ste, while Maxine fears that she's lost custody of Minnie


Monday 18 May


Trevor wants Darren to help him bring Mercedes back to the village. Darren secretly calls Freddie and leaves clues revealing who he’s with and where they are. Darren stalls Trevor and Freddie grabs Mercedes – he takes her to the Roscoe’s garage where he tells her to leave for good. Later, Phoebe comes in to the garage and is stunned to see Mercedes. Porsche is furious when she comes face-to-face with her ‘dead’ cousin and slaps her. Mercedes later bumps into Trevor who tells her he’s going to kill Phoebe if she doesn’t hand herself in.

Since the diagnosis, Ste and John Paul have not had sex so when John Paul tells Ste he’d be willing to take anti-virals so they can sleep together, Ste is angry – he doesn’t understand why John Paul would go through the unpleasant side-effects of taking the drugs to rush them into having sex.

Maxine tells Darren that she’s willing to give their relationship another go as long as he has no more to do with Trevor so he lies and says he won’t.

Joe is shocked when Lindsey tells him she thinks that marrying Freddie will be a mistake. She runs off before he can respond so he calls her.

Tuesday 19 May

Mercedes agrees to go to the police but when she returns to the hospital, her family doesn’t want to see her. Angry, Mercedes argues with Phoebe.

Trevor gives Grace an engagement ring. Kim finds out Grace has been released from prison following Mercedes’ return and deliberately lets it slip to Trevor that she slept with Grace. Trevor packs his bags to leave Grace, and Esther tells Grace she’s keeping the baby. Esther storms out and Grace pulls out a gun on Kim.

Joe bursts into the church as Freddie and Lindsey are about to get married. Freddie is furious and the two brothers fight, but when Joe falls in to Scott, he bumps into Sinead and her waters break.

Wednesday 20 May

John Paul and Ste make up, missing Scott’s calls about Sinead. Scott turns up at Diane’s flat and Ste blames John Paul for the missed calls and races to the hospital.

Later, Joe offers Freddie an olive branch but the pair argues again. In The Dog car park, Freddie runs into gun-wielding Grace who wants to shoot him for killing Fraser and destroying her chances of having a proper family. Kim, Lindsey, Trevor, Mercedes and Darren arrive. Trevor talks Grace down and she drops the gun. They embrace and Lindsey runs over to a relieved Freddie.

However, Joe picks up the gun instead and points it at Freddie and Lindsey. Mercedes wrestles the gun from Joe’s hand but it goes off and Mercedes ends up on the floor, has she been shot? Joe drops the gun and runs away.

Patrick sees Darren and Maxine kiss. He trashes his office in fury as Theresa walks in. She persuades him to go for joint custody instead but Maxine says no and pursues the case for full custody of their daughter. 

Thursday 21 May

It’s the day of Maxine and Patrick’s court hearing. Patrick tells Darren that he saw him hiding a gun and wants him to lie to the panel at the custody hearing to help him get Minnie.

The baby is taking its time so Sinead is sent home and, high on emotion, she kisses Ste.

Friday 22 May

Patrick gives an impressive speech at the hearing but is threatened when Maxine also makes an excellent case. Maxine’s phone rings in her bag and she’s confused when the caller ID says ‘Patrick’. She pulls a water bottle out of her bag, which Patrick has filled with alcohol and planted there.Maxine is escorted out of the hearing- has she lost custody of Minnie because of Patrick’s foul play?


Sinead goes in to labour for real on The Hutch kitchen floor with Diane, Scott and Ste by her side. She misinterprets Ste’s support for feelings of love for her.