Hollyoaks spoilers: Grace frames Reenie, while Porsche gets Diane’s cash

4-8 May: Plus Sienna tries to make amends and Trevor makes a shock discovery


Monday 4 May


Harry is rewarded for his silence, but will the prospect of prison force him to reveal the truth? Dylan’s secret looks set to be revealed when Trevor makes an intimate discovery. Diane is charmed by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but will she wise up before it’s too late? 

Tuesday 5 May

Harry pays the price for tangling with the school bullies. Elsewhere, Esther plays peacemaker but does more harm than good. Tony is determined to expose the truth about a love rat, but looks set to embarrass himself instead.

Wednesday 6 May

John Paul fears that he’s lost Ste forever, while Sinead confronts the real culprit. Zack is disgusted by a school yard confession. Lockie pushes his luck too far while it looks like the game is up for Porsche when Tony plays detective.

Thursday 7 May

Tegan questions a friend’s motives when he gets too close for comfort. Sienna tries to build bridges with Nico but only ends up making things worse. Zack and Holly’s cunning plan only leads to heartbreak. Lockie tries to lie his way out of trouble again but has he gone too far for Diane? Porsche gets a call from Reenie about her release…

Friday 8 May


Desperate Porsche decides her best bet is to play dirty. Gripped by jealousy, Mariam is out for blood, while Nico puts herself in danger. Holly’s determined to prove her love to Jason…but at what cost to herself?