Marlon and Laurel’s marriage could end, reveals Emmerdale boss Kate Oates

"Marlon's going to have some really tough decisions to make about how long he can stay in this marriage when he's got a little girl who really needs his help"


Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) will consider leaving wife Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) amid fears that her alcoholism is endangering the life of his daughter April.


Scenes to be shown over the summer will see the Woolpack chef questioning whether his marriage has a future if Laurel cannot quit drinking.

“Marlon’s going to have some really tough decisions to make about how long he can stay in this marriage when he’s got a little girl who really needs his help and support,” says Emmerdale producer Kate Oates. “We’re also going to be seeing Ashley get more involved and really try to pull that person that he once loved so much out of this  terrible problem.”

Speaking on the ITV soap’s official website, Oates added that Laurel will be seen jeopardising her own life as a result of her addiction: “Even though Doug knows that she’s an alcoholic and has brought Marlon in on that secret, the one person who can’t admit that she’s an alcoholic is Laurel herself.

“We’re going to see her move further down that slippery slope and whereas before she was getting people like April in jeopardy, this time it’s going to be Laurel herself that’s at risk.”

The Emmerdale boss’s comments come following Mark Charnock’s praise for the plotline that will next week see Laurel drink herself unconscious while looking after little April and Arthur: “It’s an ongoing rollercoaster. And we’re just trying to tell the story correctly and reflect what people go through. We’re all doing our very best for it to be as authentic as possible.

“And what it comes down to is that there’s not really a right way of dealing with the problem. Especially if the person doesn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous or some sort of detox. As an actor, though, it’s these stories that you wait for. It’s brilliant and I can’t tell you how good Charlotte has been. She’s hit the ground running with it and been amazing.”

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