Hollyoaks spoilers: Trevor vows to help Grace, while Porsche is haunted by the past

29 April-1 May: Plus Dylan resorts to crime and Patrick gets a new PA

Monday 27 April


Trevor vows to clear Grace’s name… but he’s going to need Darren’s help. Lindsey’s shocked to discover the truth about Kim’s new obsession as a dark secret from the sisters’ childhood is revealed. Sienna confronts her father over secrets and lies, while Sinead is delighted by the arrival of a flamboyant newcomer.

Tuesday 28 April

Lindsey is haunted by reminders of her childhood and resolves to face her demons. Darren double crosses his family but a rare act of brotherly love from Joe leaves him feeling guilty. Will Sienna’s revenge on Patrick leave her father in serious trouble?   

Wednesday 29 April

A new cell mate threatens to make life difficult for Grace while Kim reaches rock-bottom in a bid to get to her girl. Harry protects Dylan against school bullies, putting his chances of footballing success on the line. A new arrival threatens to come between John Paul and Ste.

Thursday 30 April

Porsche’s world crumbles when she realises the past is about to catch up with her. Dylan hatches a revenge plan… but could end up the loser when things backfire. John Paul struggles to reconcile himself to the new lodger, unaware he’s about to expose John Paul’s dark secret. Kim resorts to extreme measures get closer to her target.

Friday 1 May


Porsche has a plan to protect her sisters but can she get Celine and Cleo on board? Sinead’s meddling has tragic consequences. Grace feels the full force of Kim’s obsession, while Dylan resorts to crime in a bid to conceal his secret life.