Coronation Street spoilers: Erica’s pregnancy scuppers Nick’s chances with Carla, says Ben Price

"It's tricky for Nick. Not that he'd run away. He has always wanted a kid. It's just not the best situation"

Nick Tilsley is in for a surprise next week when Erica Holroyd (Claire King) reappears in his life, bringing with her the news that she’s pregnant. And, as actor Ben Price admits, it’s a revelation that could well scupper Nick’s chances with Carla Connor (Alison King), to whom he’s recently grown increasingly close.


“It’s tricky for Nick,” says Price. “Not that he’d run away. He has always wanted a kid. It’s just not the best situation. He is shocked, but he’s there for Erica. They may not be a couple, but she just needs to tell him what she needs. And, in fact, Erica doesn’t want them to be a couple. She’s absolutely cool about it.”

But when Nick decides to offload to Carla about what’s going on, the factory boss is left fearing that the brakes have been put on any chance they had of a relationship.

“Nick wants to be honest with Carla. But he ends up turning up late a few times or brushes her off because he’s meeting Erica. So Carla becomes aware that nothing is going to happen between them. And in the end she tells Nick to go for it with Erica, which leaves Nick a bit gutted because, in a way, Carla is his perfect match.”

Nick’s private life may be growing increasingly complicated but, in the wake of Erica’s baby bombshell, he decides that the best thing would be to support the mum to be.

“He thinks he should stand by her,” says Price. “They get on. He thinks she’s a nice girl and, maybe, that’s the way life works for him. He had a brain injury and and she handles that very well. She’s having his baby, so he thinks, ‘yeah, let’s stick around’. As I say, he has always wanted a child and, in an ideal world, it would have been him, Leanne and a baby. But that didn’t work out and Nick is realistic about that.”

Of course, there could well be opposition to Nick’s decision, particularly from mum Gail, who always seems to have a problem with his choice of partner.

“She hates the fact that Nick has had a fling with Erica and she’ll go mad when she hears that Erica is pregnant,” laughs Price. “There’s not a woman in the world that Nick can go out with. Gail hates Erica! She’ll never accept her in the family. She assumes that every woman is just trying to trap Nick. She didn’t like Leanne, really. She still doesn’t!” 

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