Emmerdale spoilers: Bob throws Carly out onto the street, reveals Gemma Atkinson

A dodgy scheme too far results in Carly being ousted


Carly Hope (Gemma Atkinson) is to find herself ousted by dad Bob (Tony Audenshaw) after her dodgy dealings attract the attention of the police.


The cops are to come calling at the village after Carly embroils Jimmy (Nick Miles) in a plan get her belongings back from former fiancé Sunil.

With Jimmy offering to drive one of his delivery vans, he and Carly go to Sunil’s house to retrieve her possessions. But Jimmy is completely unaware of the fact that Carly doesn’t have permission to enter the property.

“Carly’s own van breaks, so she gets Jimmy to help her. But he thinks she’s just going to the house and that it’s all above board,” says actress Gemma Atkinson, who plays the sneaky Carly. “What he doesn’t know is that Carly’s using him. She hasn’t got a key to the house, so Jimmy is getting caught up in her plan to break and enter.”

When the police then turn up at the cafe to quiz Carly, an uneasy Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) starts to worry about the current state of affairs. But when Brenda sees Bob handing over yet more cash to his daughter, she decides that she’s reached the limit of what she can handle and threatens to leave. But with whom will Bob end up siding: his wife or his daughter?

“Bob decides that enough’s enough,” continues Atkinson. “And it’s then that Carly says lots of horrible things to Brenda. She even says, ‘if I was your daughter, I’d be suicidal’. So, of course, Brenda is really upset and threatens to go. But Bob says that Brenda isn’t leaving – and Carly ends up being thrown out onto the streets.”

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