Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

16-20 March: Brax confronts Sam and tries to force him to change his statement, while Kyle is distraught to learn that he may never be able to sing again

Monday 16 March


With Kat hot on their trail, Ash and Brax struggle to get out of town unseen. Maddy arrives back in Summer Bay and to everyoneʼs relief announces that she wants to start her chemotherapy treatment. Andy is adamant that Hannah should be released from hospital and into his care. Nate blames himself for the bus crash and lashes out at Kat when she turns up at the hospital to go through the incident report.

Tuesday 17 March

Denny is concerned that Andy is not responsible enough to look after Hannah, whose condition is critical. As a result of the bus accident, Kyleʼs voice is raspy, and he learns that that he may never be able to sing again. A mysterious boy appears in the Diner claiming to be a huge fan of Phoebeʼs, but he is later seen spying on her from the bushes. 

Wednesday 18 March

Ash and Brax track down Sam the bartender, but he tells them that he will not change his statement, no matter how much they try to intimidate him. VJ struggles to come to terms with Leahʼs bleak predicament and when Matt tries to reach out to him he is rewarded with a punch to the face. Phoebe meets her mysterious fan, who is later spotted by John looking through the windows of her house. 

Thursday 19 March

Zac blows up at Matt and Spencer when he discovers the seriousness of Hannahʼs injuries. Irene goes around to give Zac and VJ some food and money but Zac implores her to leave them alone. With Spencer back at school, Chris is at a loose end and volunteers as a surf life saver. Josh is seen lurking around the Surf Club after dark. Sasha is upset when she finds out that Matt has returned to school to repeat year 12. 

Friday 20 March


After catching Josh painting a mural on the side of the Surf Club, Chris attempts a citizenʼs arrest and John threatens to clean it off. When Evelyn see it, however, she stages an impromptu protest and refuses to move. Kat receives evidence that Brax breached his bail conditions, but Kyle begs her not to do anything with it and tries desperately to persuade her of Braxʼs innocence. Oscar is missing in action as Maddy begins her first chemotherapy treatment.