Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa to have breast cancer scare, reveals Michelle Hardwick

But will Kirin stand by his girlfriend at her time of need?

Village vet Vanessa Woodfield is to be left in a state of panic after boyfriend Kirin finds a lump in her breast. Next week’s episodes will see Vanessa and Kirin having a smooch on the sofa as they celebrate her birthday, only for the occasion to take a worrying turn.


“He finds the lump and asks, ‘do you ever check yourself out?’ He’s sure he’s felt something,” reveals actress Michelle Hardwick. “Vanessa goes upstairs to check and feels the lump, but tells Kirin that it’s a cyst and that she’s had hundreds before. But pretty soon, she’s making an excuse to leave so she can go and find Rhona, who tells her that she needs to see a doctor.”

It’s an emotive storyline that had the actress herself casting her mind back to a similar experience during her early 20s. “I was in the shower and I did feel something and absolutely freaked. I made an appointment with the doctor and it turned out it wasn’t anything. But when you do feel something, it is the ultimate panic, so I did have those feelings to draw on while filming this.

“And I’ll put my hands up and say that – before I read these scripts – I didn’t check myself as often as I know I should. I was so scared to examine myself in case I did find something. But since doing the research online, I’ve realised how important it is. I do now check, which everyone should do.”

As for the storyline and the implications for Vanessa’s relationship with Kirin, Hardwick admits that the health scare will put them to the ultimate test. “Vanessa doesn’t want him to feel trapped and that he has to stay with her out of some kind of moral duty. He promises not to let her down and then doesn’t show up to one of her hospital appointments. Kirin is a 17-year-old in love with a woman who could ultimately have a really serious condition – but you’ll have to wait and see as to whether he stands by her.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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