EastEnders live: play blooper bingo!

Join in the 30th anniversary celebrations by playing along with RadioTimes.com's bingo card...


Tonight the entire episode of EastEnders is live, concluding a mammoth week of 30th anniversary celebrations. 


It’s smashed records, had the nation gripped with a whodunnit and given us a chuckle thanks to accidental live bloopers, including the internet’s favourite: ‘How’s Adam?’.

As a bit of fun for the finale, why not play Spot the Blunder with our blooper bingo card? Not that we’re hoping anything will go wrong of course…

If you spot them all be sure to yell “OUSE!” (no ‘h’, naturally) in your best cockney accent. 

EastEnders at 30 concludes tonight at 8pm


Graphic by RT’s Stuart Manning – click image for larger version