Could half a million EastEnders viewers still not know who killed Lucy Beale?

Overnight average viewing figures highlight the mystery of 500,000 viewers that disappeared after the first episode of the soap, missing the big reveal in part two! But the shows were still the most watched programmes of 2015 so far...


Last night was the big Who Killed Lucy? reveal – but as it turns out, more than half a million EastEnders could still not actually know the outcome of the long-running murder mystery…


Despite being event TV of the highest order, an average audience of 10.8m watched the first episode (peaking at 11.9m) shown at 7:30pm on BBC1, while a slightly smaller 10.3m tuned in for the second episode at 9:30pm (peaking at 11.2m)  where all was finally uncovered

Did they just guess who the killer was and go on their merry way? Maybe the second episode was past their bedtime? Perhaps they didn’t realise there was more after Death in Paradise?

Not that ‘Enders has anything to grumble about; the viewing figures make it the most watched show of the year so far. It also smashed one Twitter record only to break it again within the same night. It even made a Twitter star of a US-based teen who suddenly found herself being accused of being the killer of a fictional character.

Bravo EastEnders… 30 years on you’ve proved you are still the event TV show that the nation can’t live without (well, apart from those few who wandered off during Death in Paradise!)

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