Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

12-16 January: Sonya helps out when an old schoolfriend arrives in town, while Gary attempts to reconcile with Kyle


Monday 12 January


Sonya struggles to help an old schoolfriend, Erin, to get back on her feet. Terese and Paul are caught unawares by the news that Ezra is suing them after he was attacked. Terese wants to settle but Paul is determined to shut Ezra down. Gary struggles with his conscience as he watches Kyle having a hard time financially and approaches Paul for work. 

Tuesday 13 January

Karl treats Brad for a bruised and battered hand, putting himself in an awkward position when he later learns about the assault on Ezra. Matt begins to question potential suspects and soon turns his attention to the Willis men, arresting Brad. Having never bought a Christmas present for a partner before, both Chris and Nate end up seeking advice. Naomi starts her own events management company and takes it upon herself to revamp the local Christmas carols performance. 

Wednesday 14 January

With Brad now out on bail, the Willis family unite to support him. Imogen is despondent after failing to get the grades she needs for her choice of university and finds support in Daniel. Amber, meanwhile, cannot shake the negative feelings that Rain has planted in her about her boyfriend. Georgia and Bailey unwittingly cross paths with Ralph the angry elf while donating presents to the kids in hospital. 

Thursday 15 January

Naomi calls on her neighbours to pitch in and help make the carols night a success, but the arrival of a local councillor brings unwelcome news – the event is uninsured and must stop. After much soul-searching, Amber declines Danielʼs invitation to spend Christmas with his parents and tells him that she needs to take a break from their relationship. Paige warms to the idea of a first family Christmas with Lauren. 

Friday 16 January


Sheila confronts Gary over his dodgy dealings with Paul and forces him to tell the truth. Sonyaʼs Christmas is tinged with sadness when Toadie has to stay in Chile longer than planned. Daniel is devastated in the wake of his break-up with Amber, and a guilt-ridden Imogen tries to help. Josh surprises Amber when he tells her that he is still in love with her.