EastEnders spoilers: Christmas and New Year in 60 seconds

22 Dec-2 Jan: Mick's fury is unleashed, Emma gets close to the truth, while Ronnie and Nick are at loggerheads


Are the Carters set to implode? Has Emma Summerhayes found some killer evidence in the Lucy Beale murder case? And who will win in the battle between Ronnie and Nick?


Well, all hell will break loose at the Vic as Mick finally finds out the truth. On Christmas Day, of course. Prepare for Mick’s much-talked-about temper to be unleashed.

An eerie gift left under the Beales’ tree sends a shiver down the spine, while Ronnie and Charlie conspire to rid themselves of Nick. And with the last bloke that Ronnie tangled with having ended up in a car crusher, it surely doesn’t look good for Dot’s son…


You can watch your 60-second rundown of all the Christmas and New Year drama in Walford below…