Emmerdale spoilers: Andy to come to blows with Robert while dressed as Geri Halliwell

Actor Kelvin Fletcher reveals all about Andy's Christmas Eve stag night fracas


Andy Sugden’s Christmas Eve stag night is to be ruined after he brawls with brother Robert in the village graveyard.


The groom-to-be may have started the evening in a party mood (he’s dressed as Ginger Spice because the theme of the stag do is Christmas Number Ones), but emotions soon get the better of him.

“Andy’s left the Woolpack to have a quiet moment of reflection,” explains actor Kelvin Fletcher. “He’s feeling quite overwhelmed and he’s standing by his parents’ gravestones getting upset that they’re not going to be at his wedding. And then Robert shows up to ruin things.”

It’s Robert’s reopening of old sores – particularly his reference to Andy bringing about Sarah Sugden’s demise in a barn fire – that causes Andy to lose his temper.

“It’s a horrible thing for Robert to say on the eve of Andy’s wedding to Katie, but you can kind of understand where he’s coming from,” continues the actor. “That’s what’s unique about this storyline. Robert is right – Andy did kill his mum, albeit by accident. But you can also understand Andy for reacting in the way he does too.”

Pretty soon, the two brothers are slugging it out on the grass, with Victoria and Finn having to eventually intervene and pull them apart. And while the sight of Andy scrapping in a Union Jack dress may initially seem quite comical, the actor believes that there’s more than a hint of tragedy about Andy being reduced to such a state.

“I think the costume department were a little nervous about telling me. And there was talk of Andy maybe going as Sporty Spice instead. But I said, ‘no, the more ludicrous the better’. Because it looks more tragic. You’ve got this fully grown man with all these emotions swirling inside him – while dressed as a woman in a short dress and with make-up on!”


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