Christmas gift ideas for Sherlock fans

Watch Sherlock, read Sherlock, dress like Sherlock, go behind the scenes on the show, investigate the history and memorabilia of the great detective and show a friend they're your Sherlock or John...


#Johnlock your favourite person

Are you the Sherlock or the John in your relationship? Either way, this pair of bracelets – engraved with the words “You are the Sherlock to my John” and vice versa – is perfect for you and your partner in crime…


Friendship bracelets £10.47. Buy here

Take a leaf out of Mark Gatiss’s book

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss says introducing fans to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories is one of the job’s greatest pleasures. And it’s a pleasure you too can indulge in this Christmas. Sadly, volumes containing the original illustrations by Sidney Paget are hard to come by these days but if you can’t track one down, there’s always this version with an intro by Gatiss and these two blokes on the front…

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, £4.99. Buy it here

Missing Moriarty?

What do you buy the person who has every Conan Doyle adventure? A Sherlock Holmes book by another great writer of course. Anthony Horowitz’s latest charts the events directly after Holmes and his arch-enemy’s apparent demise at the bottom of the Reichenbach Falls. Look out too for Horowitz’s first Sherlock Holmes outing, The Silk House.

Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz, from £7.99. Buy it here

Cold comfort

The problem: a chilly neck. The solution: these suave scarves, which proclaim your allegiance to the world’s one and only consulting detective with either a 221B design or a subtle smiley face, as seen daubed on the wallpaper in a certain Baker Street flat…

Sherlock scarves, £36.99 each. Buy here

Sherlockian style

The scarf will protect your neck from the winter wind but what about your ears? To be honest, who cares? Ear-flaps up or down, this classic deerstalker is the epitome of Sherlockian style.

Deerstalker Hat in Harris Tweed, £25. Buy it here

Be an exhibitionist

See where it all began with a trip to the Museum of London’s exhibition, Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die. Entering through a secret door in a bookcase you’ll be greeted by a wall of TVs replaying scenes starring screen Holmeses past and present (including you know who). Then it’s on into the depths of the exhibition to discover such treasures as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original manuscripts and Benedict Cumberbatch’s dressing gown

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die exhibition runs until 12 April 2015 at the Museum of London. Tickets £8.95-£12.55. Buy here

Join the Sherlock Network

Fancy being personally insulted by Sherlock, and joining forces with John to solve puzzles and crimes? Then sign up to the detective’s homeless network in this fun and atmospheric iPad, iPhone and Android game. One of the specially filmed segments starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman even takes you into the inner sanctum of 221B Baker Street and Sherlock’s bedroom…

Sherlock: The Network, from £1.49. Buy it here

Go behind the scenes on Sherlock

Described as “Sherlock from the ground up”, Sherlock: Chronicles is a handbook guide to the first three series and includes cast and crew interviews, insights into story and script development, sets, costumes, props and music – and even a one-word clue to the upcoming Christmas special…

Sherlock: Chronicles, from £8.99. Buy here

Bridge the gap between now and Christmas… 2015

The long wait for new Sherlock continues, with the next instalment expected to be a Christmas special airing at the end of next year. But there are still nine episodes – 13 and a half hours of brilliantly crafted adventures with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – to pore/paw over again and again between now and the time your head explodes with excitement…

Sherlock Complete Series 1-3, from £16.99. Buy here

Welcome to your new Holmes

Once you’ve worn out your Sherlock DVDs, it’s worth checking out another wonderfully eccentric TV Holmes, Jeremy Brett – the man whose performance Benedict Cumberbatch described as “magisterial” – in these classic Granada TV productions.


Jeremy Brett in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes, £49.95. Buy here