“You’re not Merlin” – Atlantis series two: the Twitter reaction

Atlantis: A New Dawn replaced Doctor Who on BBC1 last night, but viewers on social media couldn't forget another lost fantasy series

Atlantis: A New Dawn broke on BBC1 on Saturday night with the thankless task of taking over from Doctor Who in the BBC’s “family-friendly” drama slot.


Talk before the series began focussed on whether the drama would take a darker turn, but would the change of tone win over viewers?

Here’s our roundup of some of the best comments from last night’s series opener.

Atlantis is taking over from Doctor Who, but many fan groups were thinking of another dearly departed series…

Before the series began all the talk was how the drama would take a darker turn. We didn’t think they meant literally.

Lord Reith would be pleased with this next one, however: dramatic and educational!

Not everyone was watching for the maths lessons though…

Some critics were less enamoured, with Michael Hogan of the Telegraph calling it “a Fisher Price Game of Thrones”, but Mark Braxton in Radio Times reminded us that for all the big battles there’s still the same “heart that infused all Atlantis’s best moments.”

Doctor Who and Merlin may hang heavy over this series, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own dedicated viewers. Next week can’t come soon enough.