Emmerdale spoilers: Jai gets Archie back – but what has he done to Rachel?

Jai is reunited with his son but the whereabouts of the boy’s mother become a cause for police concern


Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) is to be reunited with his son in the coming weeks, but a big question mark will be left hanging over the whereabouts of Archie’s mum Rachel.


In the episode set to air on Thursday 13 November, Jai will be seen following up a lead on his missing son and spotting Archie in a car. But before he can get to him, the car is driven away. A man nearby tells Jai that Rachel is in trouble and needs £60,000 to go into rehab – if Jai can hand over the money, then he can have Archie.

A desperate Jai persuades Rakesh (Pasha Bocarie) to give him the cash to finally get his son back. But the villagers will be left shocked when they see Jai back with his son, especially Ali (Kelli Hollis), who calls the police after suspecting that Jai may have done something to Rachel.

Pretty soon, the police are questioning Jai about Rachel’s whereabouts and, in a panic, he tells the officers that Rachel brought Archie to him. Ali is furious that the police believe Jai and almost gets arrested for her behaviour.

However, when Rakesh sees an article in the paper about a woman’s body having been found, will he question Jai’s involvement? Just what has Rackesh funded? And will Jai also suspect foul play as to the reasons why Archie has been separated from Rachel? 


Watch below for your 60-second rundown of all the upcoming drama in next week’s episodes: