Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel is busted for drink driving – first look pictures

Will the police take action after Laurel is caught driving erratically?

Here’s a tip for Laurel Dingle (Charlotte Bellamy): stay away from moving vehicles!


Barely a year after being carjacked by Ross Barton, Laurel is in trouble again – this time when she gets pulled over by the police after driving erratically.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 4 November will see Laurel meeting up with Nicola for lunch in order to discuss her marital problems over some wine. But their meal is interrupted by a call from April’s school and Laurel is pulled away to go and collect her.

After picking her up, Laurel is troubled to hear that April – who is still struggling to make sense of her mum’s recent death – has concerns that Marlon might die. Mid conversation, Laurel is shocked when she’s pulled over by PC Swirling (Andy Moore), who explains that she was driving erratically.


But things go from bad to worse when he tells her how is forced to breathalyser her after she admits to having had wine earlier. Is Laurel about to be charged?