Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

13-17 October: Sienna has to think fast when Maxine announces she’s going to propose to Dodger, but she takes her scheming to the extreme


Monday 13 October


Maxine’s plans to propose to Dodger are thwarted by manipulative Sienna. Blaming Patrick, Maxine wants him dead… but she’d better be careful what she wishes for.  Phoebe proves herself a true McQueen when she sets out to seduce Robbie, while Carmel gets the evidence she needs to free Theresa – but will she use it? 

Tuesday 14 October

The Blake/Savages are shocked by recent events – but who is to blame?  It looks like Cindy’s finally heading home from hospital, until Jason shares a worrying secret.  Carmel is desperate to right a wrong but it’s a race against time to save someone close.  Jason is heartbroken when he spies Holly and Robbie together – what’s going on? 

Wednesday 15 October

Tony and Sinead plan a romantic get-away but an unsuspecting Diane plans to join them. It’s a panicked rush to the hospital when Theresa goes into labour and the drama doesn’t end there when she reveals who the daddy is…

Thursday 16 October

Sienna and Theresa play dirty to get what they want, while Diane is confused when she tries to contact Tony and discovers he’s not where he told her he’d be. 

Friday 17 October


Dodger is disgusted by what he’s done, while Diane tracks down Tony – but is she about to get a nasty shock?   Elsewhere, Grace panics about her future.