Sky Sports presenter is photobombed by… a sex toy

As the seconds ticked down on deadline day, poor Alan Irwin was forced to fend off one particularly rowdy fan...


Sports reporters have a tough gig on transfer deadline day. Roaming around the country, anticipating the next big signing, launching their microphones in the direction of sealed car windows…


The rowdy fans don’t make it any easier…

… but Alan Irwin got a little more than he bargained for when he made the trip to Everton’s Finch Farm training ground to cover Tom Cleverley’s potential move from Manchester United.

The Sky Sports presenter was speculating on the England midfielder’s reunion with Toffees boss Roberto Martinez when one fan decided leaping up and down in the back of the camera shot wasn’t quite good enough. Instead he went one better, brandishing a purple dildo to shove in poor Irwin’s face.


Hats off to Irwin for keeping his cool as he endured one final earful of dildo before the culprit was carted off by security.