Emmerdale spoilers: will Laurel marry Marlon? Charlotte Bellamy interview

"They’re in a situation where their relationship is falling apart and they don’t know how to fix it," admits the actress


Laurel’s wedding looks set to be jeopardised next week when she catches Marlon watching the video that his late ex-wife Donna made just weeks before she died.


At the stag and hen parties, it’s clear that both the bride and groom are having cold feet. Laurel’s dad Doug – who has returned in time for the wedding – will be seen overhearing Marlon admitting his concerns to Paddy. And Laurel herself will confide in ex-husband Ashley before drunkenly trying to kiss him!

So will Laurel listen when a worried Ashley tells her to call off the wedding for the sake of their children? And will Marlon open up to his bride about the case he shared with Donna prior to her death? Actress Charlotte Bellamy gives us the latest…

So how does Laurel feel about her impending wedding to Marlon?
Laurel’s concerned. After everything that’s happened with Donna and April, she knows that Marlon isn’t in a great place. She doesn’t feel like she’s the most important person in Marlon’s life and she’s starting to question their relationship. 

Does Laurel fear that Marlon was in love with Donna?
Laurel knows that Marlon and Donna were married and she knows that he did love her. Laurel’s in a very insecure place at the moment and Donna’s death hasn’t helped. Marlon’s devastated and Laurel can’t help but feel left out. Even though Donna has died, she still seems to be there and all the secrets and lies that Marlon had to tell about Donna’s illness have really thrown a spanner in the works.

Does she know the pair of them kissed?
Laurel has no idea that Marlon and Donna have kissed, but that doesn’t mean she feels secure in her relationship with Marlon. She knows that something is missing and she knows Marlon isn’t being himself,f but she has no idea that he has betrayed her in this way. Laurel doesn’t understand how affected Marlon is about Donna and the enormous responsibility he now feels towards April. She can’t seem to get into his mind and because she doesn’t understand him. It makes her question him.

How does Laurel react when she catches Marlon looking at Donna’s video on the camera?
Laurel and Doug find Marlon watching something on the camera, but he quickly turns it off and covers it all up. Laurel’s suspicious and presses play on the video camera and sees Donna. This is definitely not what Laurel wanted to see and it raises her concerns about Marlon’s feelings for Donna.

How can Donna be a threat to Laurel if she’s deceased?
Laurel still feels threatened because her husband’s emotions and feelings are aimed at another woman. It could be seen as quite selfish, but the man she wants to marry isn’t there and she feels distant from him.

So what does Laurel end up telling Ashley?
She tells him that she doesn’t know how she feels about Marlon anymore. She’s confused and Ashley’s offers her comfort and a shoulder to cry on. She kisses Ashley, but not because she loves him – she’s reaching out to him.

Does she regret it afterwards?
Yes. She loves Marlon not Ashley and she doesn’t want to hurt Marlon. She was reaching out and she needed comfort and Ashley was there at that moment.

What does Doug overhear Marlon say?
He hears him in the toilet with Paddy talking about April and how he wished he hadn’t kissed Donna. This leaves Doug torn. Should he tell Laurel?

How do the pair come to confess that they kissed other people?
On the day of their wedding, she finds Marlon in the graveyard and she’s devastated to find him with Donna on his mind yet again. They talk and she tells him that she kissed Ashley and Marlon tells her that he did the same with Donna. It’s sad really because they can both see that the kisses didn’t mean anything, but they’re in a situation where their relationship is falling apart and they don’t know how to fix it. 

Does their talk clear the air?
In a way it does and I think they both understand each other a lot more after they talk. But they can’t take much more of this. They are both so unhappy.


Will their relationship survive all this?
Marlon and Laurel definitely have a struggle ahead of them and they both have their own demons that they need to deal with. It will be interesting to see if they choose to take that road together.