The 16 best moments from the first weekend of X Factor 2014

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louis Walsh return with a whole host of wonderful and wacky acts…


One weekend of X Factor sure packs a punch doesn’t it? It’s the first time Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell have been on the panel together for four years. Louis Walsh is back and former Spice Girl Mel B takes up the fourth and final spot.


As with last year, the show kicked off with the original style in-room auditions, with acts singing for the four judges (and a load of production and camera crew).

There was so much to enjoy, so I’ve swiped out the top sixteen moments to experience all over again…

1. Louis Walsh speeding along in an open top car.

Louis Walsh speeding along… oh wait, I’ve said that. But it was hilarious, right?

2. Louis Walsh saying he’s literally never going to leave The X Factor.

3. When the four judges went all superhero on us and released a Batman-style X Factor logo into the sky.

4. Blonde Electric, the wacky duo who could actually sing pretty blooming well, describing their relationship status as being “single pringles”.

5. The man who just WOULDN’T STOP SINGING.

He’s probably still going. Simon Cowell, who was abandoned by the other judges, is probably still listening. But he had some wise words. When a woman hurts a man, the pain does go on, doesn’t it?

6. When that contestant’s mum just turned up and fed the judges Chinese food and cake while she tried to sing.

No prawn crackers though. Error.

7. The woman who stripped. For no good reason at all

8. Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, who sang Black Coffee and said how wonderful it will be to “throw around at dinner parties” that she’s going to sing on the Wembley stage.

Followed by another contestant joking that Chloe-Jasmine would probably celebrate by eating some caviar. And some asparagus…

9. Lovely Irish Ben Quinlan, who turned up with a green rose for Cheryl and then got her to dance with him during his entire audition.

She loved it. LOVED it.

10. Mel getting all grumpy sitting next to Cheryl because no one was bringing her anything. “What am I, chopped liver?”

11. The woman that thought she was a good Cheryl look-alike and turned up in her Fight For This Love outfit. Simon stuck the boot in with his “the vocals were spot on” comment.

12. The return of Amy Connelly, who made it to Cheryl’s first ever Judges’ Houses and made her cry all over again with her amazing audition.

13. When Simon said he’d like to make another Steps. Just with better singers.

14. Kitten, oh Kitten. She auditioned with her much older husband but ditched him quicker than the judges could suggest auditioning on her own. “I’m hungry for this” was a bit of an understatement.

15. Mel B admitting she didn’t actually support Geri Halliwell’s solo career because she was mad she left the Spice Girls band.

16. AND OF COURSE Andrea from Italy. In his pug jumper and weird cut off jeans who blew the judges away with his amazing voice. He even had a little Scary Spice doll. Definitely one to watch. 


The X Factor continues tomorrow night at 8:00pm on ITV