The Fifty Shades of Sherlock trailer has happened

Johnlock fandom gives footage of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman the Grey treatment. Uh-oh…

It was only a matter of time really, wasn’t it? 


The steamy Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has sparked many an internet makeover (including one rather odd Frozen spoof) and now, Sherlock has been given the Grey treatment thanks to YouTube user Victoria Holmes (her real name? We’re not sure…)

The stars of the hit BBC1 drama have often talked about the raunchy fan fiction they receive. Most recently, Andrew Scott, who plays villainous Moriarty, joked that the fruity fan fiction puts their characters with an “array of different people”.

Here, there’s no array of people. It’s all about putting Johnlock on show, the often suggested (by Mrs Hudson at least) relationship between the two lead characters. Yep, just take a few moments of eye contact, a few high-emotion exchanges, a bit of nudity, whack on the thumping beat of Beyonce’s steamy Crazy in Love cover and boom… it’s one very different looking Sherlock.

Mr Holmes will see you now…