Pointless originally had only one presenter – and no Richard Osman

The quizmaster general only joined co-host Alexander Armstrong on the BBC1 quiz show later in development


Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are the dynamic duo of daytime TV, the most pointless people of them all, but originally BBC1 quiz show Pointless was only going to have one host.


Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival Tom Blakeson, Chief Creative Officer for production company Remedy, revealed that Richard Osman was a late addition to the format:

“When we ran it through the first time with the BBC [we had] a single host, and the host had far too much to say, because [he] had to give all the rules and specifications of what the lists actually meant and all the criteria. He was just talking to him the whole time, so the idea to have the co-host [came up].”

It was only after this pitching session that our favourite question master entered the picture. ”Richard Osman played the co-host in the runthrough,” Blakeson explained, “It actually became a totally different show.”

It was pointed out that not only was Osman a success (having since landed his own solo quiz show), he was at that moment taking part in a Through the Keyhole Special happening upstairs at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. 

Paul Sinha from The Chase, who was hosting the quizzing panel taking place in the basement, seemed a tad dejected.


“Yes,” he sighed, “what a man.”