Emmerdale spoilers: Adam confesses to arson attack to clear Aaron’s name, reveals Adam Thomas

Scenes to be shown next week will see Adam own up in front of stunned drinkers at the Woolpack


Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) is to finally admit to committing the 2012 arson attack on the garage for which best pal Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) took the rap.


In scenes to be shown on Thursday 28 August, Adam decides that the truth needs to come out and makes an announcement in front of the Woolpack regulars.

“They’re all bound to find out sooner or later, so he confesses and reveals that it was him who set the garage on fire,” says actor Adam Thomas. “He wants to clear Aaron’s name. Adam feels that Aaron has done enough and should be back with his family.”

But despite Adam’s confession having exorcised a few demons, it seems that Aaron will still face the force of the law for running away in the first place. But Adam Thomas certainly has hopes that Aaron will get a chance to be a part of village life again:


“I’m buzzing that Danny Miller is back,” the actor says. “We’ve already had some good scenes together and it’s like he’s never been away. I love him to bits and he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. He’s brilliant.”