Fancy going out for fish fingers and custard? Visit this Doctor Who-themed restaurant

The Pandorica looks like a Doctor Who fan's ultimate dining experience…


If you’ve ever fancied walking into a restaurant and ordering fish fingers and custard without being escorted off the premises by the police, then you better get yourself a flight to the Pandorica: a Doctor Who-themed restaurant in New York. 


Located at 165 Main street in Beacon, the Pandorica – named after the prison in series five finale The Pandorica Opens – boasts themed food items like “Madame De Pompadour sponge cake” as well as its own Tardis toilet (we did think of a pun to use here, but decided against it).

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The restaurant came to the attention of Doctor Who fans through Reddit user jacquelinesarah, who posted on the site about her first visit. 

“I spent the day in the quiet little artist town of Beacon, NY, and passed a restaurant called ‘Pandorica’ as I walked down the main street. I smiled to myself but didn’t think much of it. On the way back, I looked inside and saw the giant mural of the exploding Tardis. Of course, I then ran in and started talking to the owner (dressed head to toe in Tardis blue).”

“She took me around the entire restaurant pointing out every tiny detail, from the sunflowers on the tables to the ‘fish fingers’ (aka french toast sticks) and custard on the dessert menu. I told her that I’ll be moving to London this autumn (the mecca, really) and she replied that she’s actually from there. It made a lot of sense seeing how much British influence is in the food – they do an afternoon tea that looks lovely.”

jaquelinesarah also posted some pictures of the Pandorica’s menu. 

It’s divided into ‘Sweeties’…  

… and ‘Spoilers’.

 If you’re ever in the area, then the Pandorica opens at 11am every day. And don’t worry about making reservations – it’s bigger on the inside. 


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