Dermot O’Leary: “I like a fitted trouser”

The X Factor host’s trouser area got a fair bit of attention last year but he tells us he just tries to ignore it

Simon Cowell likes his trousers high, Dermot O’Leary, we’ve learned, likes them fitted.


Yep, I went there. I asked Mr O’Leary how it felt to have a whole lot of people talking about his nether regions during last year’s X Factor series.

“I can’t believe you just asked me that question. [It was] no more awkward than answering this question. You just sort of ignore it to be honest with you.

“I like a fitted trouser,” he laughs.

In fact, it wasn’t his trousers that I was discussing last year, it was his feet. There was very little Dermot dancing action at the beginning of each show. A loss I felt (and continue to feel) so I set up a bit of an online campaign to get him grooving again.

So, will he dance this year?

“I’ll try, I need to run it past Simon.”

On my keenness to get him dancing he jokes, “It weirded me out a little bit, because you were thinking a bit more about my dancing than, I’ve got to be honest, I think about my dancing”.


Back to the job in hand, I asked Dermot whether he thinks the show is better off with Simon on the panel, during which he accidentally says it’s better off without him. Check out the video here: