First look at Peaky Blinders series two

Cillian Murphy returns as Birmingham mobster Tommy Shelby with The Dark Knight Rises actor Tom Hardy joining the cast of the acclaimed BBC2 drama

Look who’s back… Tommy Shelby and his mob are returning to our screens this autumn for a bigger, richer and more dangerous series of Peaky Blinders, according to creator Steven Knight.


Cillian Murphy is sporting his shaved sides and razor blade cap once again to head up the Shelby family empire after the dramatic events of last series. 

Helen McCrory is also back as Aunt Polly, along with Sam Neill, Sophie Rundle, Paul Anderson and Joe Cole and a very A-list newcomer. Yes, in case you hadn’t heard Mr Tom Hardy – star of The Dark Knight Rises and Locke – has signed up to appear in series two, along with his real-life fiancé Charlotte Riley and Game of Thrones actor Noah Taylor.

And, according to Murphy, chunks of the action will take place in the capital. “We reached a point in series one where the Peaky Blinders’ empire expanded beyond where the family was when Tommy became the de facto leader. Now the next target is London, moving south and encountering more obstacles… trying to go legitimate but constantly being pulled back down in that criminal world, and that pull-and-push is the really exciting dramatic element of it.” 

“The gang are entering areas of even greater jeopardy,” adds Knight. “And anyone like Tommy who is so good at what he does will attract dangerous people and he has to use his skills and his wits to survive. They don’t leave Birmingham, they stay centred there, but they expand the business into other areas.”

Take a look at the first teaser for series two below…  


Directed by Colm McCarthy (Sherlock), Peaky Blinders will be back on screens this autumn