Yes, it’s happened. Prince William is the latest royal photobomber

First the Queen, then Prince Harry... Now the Duke of Cambridge is a surprise addition to Sir Chris Hoy's Commonewealth Games snap


It’s happened. Following in the footsteps of his royal relations, Prince William has hopped aboard the Commonwealth Games photobomb trend. And whose shot did his grace choose to grace? None other than knight of the realm Sir Chris Hoy, who tweeted the snap for the benefit of his half a million followers. 


The Duke of Cambridge appears a little blurry in the snap – perhaps suggesting he leapt into frame at the last minute in a bid to follow the precedent set by the Queen and Prince Harry, who have both been the subject of royal photobombs during the Glasgow sporting event.

Sir Chris – a double gold medalist at the London 2012 Olympic Games – was busy in action across Glasgow yesterday as he accompanied the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Jamaican sprinter Bolt. 


Although, he made sure to protect his modesty in front of his royal companions…