7 of the best Comic-Con moments

From surprise panelists, to hilarious answers and impromptu dances, famous faces at Comic-Con sure know how to please their fans

San Diego Comic-Con has kicked off once again, drawing thousands to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars and hear them speak.


Among the fans there’s a whole lot of picture taking, question asking, screaming (naturally) and general excitement. But it seems the famous faces have rather a lot of fun with the whole thing too. 

Well, they’re surrounded by people who adore them, and plenty of other actors and actresses just waiting to be toyed with. 

Here’s our pick of the best from previous Comic-Con panels…

That time Harrison Ford got asked lots of questions about Han Solo and Indiana Jones – neither of which he was there to discuss – and handled it the only way Ford knows how… 


It looked like Spider-Man was going to drop right in. He did this big promo video before arriving. It made it look like he was going to leap from the ceiling or something… but, er, no.


Jennifer Lawrence proved that even famous stars get excited when they see one of their own idols


Before Benedict Cumberbatch enters the room, fans are screaming at a showreel of the actor’s best work. Then he walks in dancing…


What’s that? Oh, just Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki yelling at everyone to say his name. No biggie…


Eight minutes of Matt Smith being, well, a whole lot of Matt Smith awesomeness


Actress Liv Tyler speaks Elvish. Simply because she can. Just don’t ask her to translate.