Breaking Bad’s Walter White gets really, really high

Who wouldn't want to see the star attached to a weather balloon and heading for space?

A toy version of Breaking Bad character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston in the hit TV series, has been sent into space.


Social networking site TV Tag set up the event, asking its fans to choose a TV star they’d like to see brave the space adventure. The irony of sending Breaking Bad’s drug kingpin Walter White to get high clearly didn’t skip fans by. Eventually, Walter and his iconic yellow boiler suit was chosen.

Attached to a weather balloon with a GoPro camera catching the action, little Walter White (complete with a wobbling head) reached heights of 85,000 feet. The journey kicked off in Utah and lasted about six hours. He endured speeds of 95 miles per hour and temperatures as low as minus 65 degrees fahrenheit, with his miniature glasses even steaming up.

There are some fantastic sites of the toy en route, and he travels some 250 miles from the launch site, until a crash landing leaves mini Mr White in need of a bit of TLC…