Emmerdale spoilers: will Dan call off his wedding to Kerry after catching her with Daz?

Liam Fox reveals Dan's state of mind after his shock discovery in next week's episodes

Dan Spencer’s upcoming wedding to Kerry Wyatt will be thrown into jeopardy when he catches his bride-to-be in the arms of his no-good brother Daz.


In scenes to be shown on Monday 21 July, Dan’s stag do (which sees all the guys decked out in women’s dresses) will end on a sour note when the groom returns to Dale Head to find Daz (Mark Jordon) kissing Kerry (Laura Norton).

“Daz has come on to Kerry, but Dan’s not entirely sure about what’s been going on. He certainly blows his top when he sees the two of them together,” says Liam Fox, who plays the beleaguered Dan. “He’s devastated and it leaves him wondering whether he really wants to get married to someone who he’s just caught with his own brother.”

On the morning of the wedding, a distraught Kerry tries to tell her beloved that the kiss was all Daz’s doing, but she leaves in tears when Dan tells her that he doesn’t know what to do.

Upset after her emotional plea, the troubled bride waits outside the church, hoping for the arrival of her husband-to-be. But as everyone waits for the wedding to start, there’s no sign of the groom. Will Dan turn up and – if he does – will this be the day that Kerry’s dreamed of or will it turn into her worst nightmare?

“Dan’s mind is all over the place,” admits Fox. “He’s ready in his wedding suit but he’s just not sure. If it goes ahead, he’s going to have this beautiful, colourful wedding. But can he ever trust his wife again? He doesn’t know which way to turn. He caught bear the thought of it all going wrong again, especially after what happened with Ali and then Chas. It’s starting to look like he’s cursed!”

Exact details of the big day are being kept under wraps by Emmerdale bosses, but RadioTimes.com can reveal that a trip to the police station is involved – and that Dan will realise exactly what Daz has been up to since he arrived in the village.

“Dan finds out that his brother has been conning David. As viewers have seen, he got a guy to rob the shop and then sold David security equipment in order to earn himself a few grand. When Dan hears that Daz has already got a police record, he realises what he’s been been going on and puts two and two together.”

Yet despite this revelation, Dan still seems in no mood to hear Kerry’s side of the story and tells her to go as far away from him as possible. So would the actor be upset if this was the end of Dan and Kerry’s relationship?

“Oh yes, definitely. It’s a great relationship and I feel blessed having Laura as a screen partner. We seem to have a telepathic connection when we’re filing. We always know how we’re each going to play a scene and how it’s going to go. That’s really rare.”


And what exactly would he like to see the future hold for his character? “Dan needs to toughen up a bit. There’s got to come a time when he’s less naïve. He needs a good relationship and to come into a bit of money. What he’d ideally like is to have his own little business, to get Sean out of the army and have him working for him.”