Coronation Street spoilers: Lloyd discovers that Andrea is already married – Craig Charles interview

"He’s not going to be happy. He’s going to be broken-hearted again," reveals the actor

Andrea’s (Hayley Tamaddon) double life is exposed next week after boyfriend Lloyd (Craig Charles) discovers the truth about her secret husband.


After Steve (Simon Gregson) learns about the existence of Andrea’s other half Neil after he makes a surprise appearance at the Rovers, he finds himself unable to watch his mate getting messed around and breaks the news to Lloyd.

But will Lloyd be able to forgive and forget after confronting Andrea about her web of lies? Actor Craig Charles gives us all the latest information:

Lloyd has been so unlucky in love – does he really think Andrea is ‘the one’?
Lloyd’s been really unlucky in love. He’s had his heart broken several times and things haven’t worked out, but he really thinks Andrea is the one that might change it all for him and he’s really excited.

What about Jenna’s reservations – do her concerns bother him?
Lloyd’s quite blinkered and he can’t see what all the fuss is about, He thinks Jenna’s just looking out for him and that maybe she’s a little bit jealous that there’s another woman in his life after things didn’t work out with her mum.

So what happens when Lloyd asks Andrea to move in – is he disappointed when she doesn’t immediately say ‘yes’?
She kind of fudges it a bit and that makes him a bit wary. It does make him stop and question whether things are all they seem. He expects her to feel the same about him as he does about her and when she doesn’t immediately say yes it sets alarm bells ringing. Deep down, I think she does feel the same, but Lloyd doesn’t know she has secrets she’s hiding.

Does he believe her when she says she needs to consult her daughter?
Yeah, I think he believes her. He’s excited about meeting her daughter.

Andrea does eventually agree to move in – does this cast all of Lloyd’s doubts aside?
He’s over the moon. He can’t see the inner turmoil that she’s going through. It’s all played behind his back, really. In front of him, she’s all happy and positive about it. It’s only when she turns away that the audience gets to see that.

How is he going to react when he finds out Andrea is hiding a husband?
He’s not going to be happy. He’s going to be broken-hearted again. Lloyd feels that if it doesn’t work out this time with Andrea then he’s going to forget it and just be a single man – or probably end up marrying Eileen!

Will he feel foolish as well as hurt and betrayed?
He’ll feel like he’d been conned. He’ll feel like a right idiot and as though everyone was laughing at him behind his back because they tried to warn him. He’ll hate everyone feeling sorry for him because Lloyd’s very proud and that would really irritate him.

If Andrea swore it was over between her and her husband, would he believe her?
All relationships are based on trust and if he were to find out she’d been lying, all trust would be gone and Lloyd would really struggle to get over that.

Do you think he’d be prepared to forgive her?
At the moment, it’s not looking good. It’s a fine line between love and hate and I think he’d borderline hate her if he found out she’d done this to him. He’s really laid his heart on the line for her, against the wishes of his mates. He’d feel like a right fool if he had his heart broken again.


Why is he always unlucky when it comes to love?
He’s such a nice guy; he sees the good in everything and everyone. He’s got no agenda no side to him – what you see is what you get and that’s all he sees. He thinks everyone is like him and they’re not.