Coronation Street spoilers: the big summer storylines revealed

Show boss Stuart Blackburn on Ken's return, Peter's imprisonment, Kylie hitting rock bottom and more...


Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has lifted the lid on this summer’s big plotlines that will see the return of Ken Barlow, Peter being charged with Tina’s murder and meeting up with Jim McDonald in prison, plus troubled Kylie Platt resorting to taking son Max’s ADHD medication.


Of Peter’s arrest and killer Rob’s ability to escape justice, Blackburn says, “Rob will do everything he can to point the finger of guilt at Peter. It looks like it might work. We are going to see Peter arrested and see him on remand. We’ve have built a massive prison set and it will also see the return of an old friend Jim McDonald who, as we know, is in prison himself.”

William Roache, who has not been seen on screen as Ken Barlow since April 2013, will be back in the coming weeks after being cleared of sexual assault charges in February. Ken, who in the show’s storyline has been away in Canada looking after sick grandson Adam, will reappear just as son Peter is facing his toughest challenge.

”Ken is coming back to quite a few surprises,” continues Blackburn. “What we will learn is that Deirdre hasn’t told him the extent of Peter’s problems and, actually, what we will see with Ken is that loyalty to his family. He will be the one person who Peter can turn to.”

Away from the Barlow family, Kylie Platt will hit rock bottom after her son Max is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But in a shock move, it’s Kylie who ends up taking the medication herself. “Over the coming weeks, we see a real change in Max’s behaviour and what we are going to learn is that he is suffering from ADHD.

“We have done an awful lot of research on this and it is going to take us to a point where Max is going to be put on medication. Kylie hits a really low point physically and emotionally. She is completely drained and in that moment of madness she takes some of Max’s medication.

“She is utterly ashamed and David is disgusted when he finds out. This is, out of all the bad decisions Kylie has made, the worst one ever. It is going to have a devastating effect on her, her health and those around her and it is going to bring real trouble to the door of the Platt household.”

The show’s boss, who was talking on the show’s website, also hinted at trauma for Tyrone Dobbs who – as has been already reported – will face disaster at the hands of Jason’s dad Tony. The Daily Star this week stated that Tyrone will be involved in a building accident that’ll leave him with broken bones and Blackburn today states:

“Just when we think Fiz and Tyrone have finally got some happiness and are looking to the future, disaster is going to strike and this is going to put Fiz and Tyrone up against the Grimshaws. Right at the heart of that is Tony and we are really going to see his true side or one of his sides.”


Of the autumn and winter months, he adds: “Obviously, these are just a few of the storylines. We have got much more coming up as we head towards Christmas – some great comedy with Beth, Kirk, Sinead and Chesney; watch out for the Windasses as they are going to be back in action soon. There’s that mix of great drama, romance with Gail and Michael, new characters and – always at the heart – great comedy.”