Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

28 June-4 July: Heath comes close to cracking up, while Tamara has a flashback of the accident and remembers the car that hit her

Monday 30 June


Heath struggles to mourn Jess and also stick to his decision to give up Harley. Oscar’s guilt over the hit-and-run intensifies when he sees Tamara at the Diner. Meanwhile, Zac confesses to Hannah that he blacked out on the night of the accident. Andy decides to leave town. 

Tuesday 1 July

Casey is discharged from hospital, but struggles to comprehend that he is really a Barrett. He apologises to Josh and they agree to try to come to an understanding with each other. Andy realises how important his family is to him and tells Josh that he has changed his mind about leaving town. Tamara passes out after having a flashback to the accident in which she recalls that it was Zac’s car that hit her. Zac, believing that he is doing the right thing, seeks out Sergeant Emerson to confess. 

Wednesday 2 July

Casey confronts Cheryl about who his real father is. She eventually sets both him and Brax straight about what went on in the past. Jett discovers that the boat that John gave him is going to cost a lot to get shipshape. After Chris’s tactics alienate her, Denny bonds with Casey over their mutual family issues. 

Thursday 3 July

Jett believes that money problems are behind John’s reluctance to let him go to camp, but the truth is that it will be the first time they have been apart since Gina died. Chris becomes jealous of the time Denny is spending with Casey and tries to win her back. When Kyle discovers that Phoebe’s dad is sending her money, she decides to prove that she can make more cash than him. 

Friday 4 July


Heath arrives back from Jess’s funeral with Harley, telling Irene that he could not abandon the child. Heath then confronts Bianca and they reluctantly agree that their marriage cannot work. Phoebe’s father Mark arrives in town and starts delving into to Kyle’s past. John questions whether it is time to remove his wedding ring.