Andy Murray: “I’d love to win Wimbledon again – of course”

Defending Wimbledon champion Andy Murray talks nerves, Ivan Lendl and the future


In his own words, defending Wimbledon champion Andy Murray says… 


On winning Wimbledon: 

“It was weird, I didn’t know how to react because the last game was so draining. I’ve watched it five or six times since, because when I came off court I had no idea at all what had happened.” 

On pre-final nerves:

“I felt good going to the match, but that last 45 minutes to an hour or so before I got on the court was pretty intense. Just before I walk out on to the court, I say a few words to all the guys. But I honestly can’t remember what they were now — or even what the last thing anyone said to me was. It all becomes a bit of a blur.” 

On girlfriend Kim Sears:

“She doesn’t come to loads of tournaments as I find being away from each other is good as well. If you spend three months together in a row, by the end of it we’re like, arguing and stuff.” 

On Amélie Mauresmo:

“She’s very calm, she’s a good person. I think we’ll communicate well and that’s a very important part of coaching. I worked with my mum for a long time. For me it doesn’t feel like a very different thing. Obviously I wasn’t paying my mum, so it’ll be a little bit different this time around because I’ll be employing Amélie. I think it’s exciting, something a bit new for me, something a bit fresh, and hopefully it works well.” 

On relaxing:

“I watch loads of boxing, I go go-karting and play 11-a-side football. I get quite animated when I talk about other sports because it’s something I’m very interested in. Whereas all the time I get asked about tennis, and specific matches, which can get quite repetitive.” 

On the role of Ivan Lendl:

“he helped me 100 per cent, no doubt about that. I knew that I had to work harder to achieve the things I wanted to achieve and Ivan helped me do that. The mental aspect of winning those kinds of matches, he understands that.”

On the future:

“I’d love to win Wimbledon again — of course I would — but what motivates me is trying to do things I’ve never done before and experiencing new things, like trying to win one of the Grand slams I haven’t won yet. that’s what’s exciting to me.” 

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