11 awesome TV and film-themed sandcastles

From Toy Story to The Simpsons, Star Wars to Sesame Street and beyond - could this be the greatest ever collection of sand-based-screen-inspired-fun?

With summer sort of here (it’s been warmish, right?) your mind may be wandering to holidays, the beach and… sandcastle building. 


Admittedly, if you manage to peel yourself off of a sun bed for long enough to make any sandcastle that stays up long enough to take a photo of – you’ve done a good job. You’re there to relax after all. 

But keep in mind while you’re packing wet sand into a bucket and haphazardly dumping it on a clear-ish bit of sand, these are some of the frankly awe-inspiring TV and film-themed creations being made elsewhere…

Sesame Street

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Star Wars

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Lord of the Rings

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Pirates of the Caribbean

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Toy Story

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Spongebob Square Pants

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The Little Mermaid

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The Simpsons

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Star Wars

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Monsters University


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