Coronation Street spoilers: Marc Baylis confirms he is leaving Rob Donovan role

But the actor reveals that there are "many twists and turns" to come in Rob's storyline

As we all know, soaps exist in a very moral universe, so it was only a matter of time before murderous Rob Donovan came unstuck. Here, actor Marc Baylis reveals that he knows when he’s leaving Corrie, but promises further revelations from Rob before that exit comes.


Next week, viewers will see Tina’s neighbours attend Tina’s funeral – and it quickly proves to be an explosive occasion for both Rob and a drunken Peter Barlow…

Rob’s never liked Peter, but does he now feel deep hatred for him?
He does hate Peter. He thinks he’s a loser and he blames him for everything that happened. He never felt he was good enough for Carla.

But how does he feel about framing him for a murder he committed?
He has totally justified it in his mind because he genuinely feels that although Peter didn’t commit the actual murder, Tina would still be alive if it wasn’t for the affair and the drinking. Rob wouldn’t have had to go and see her – for him it was always about family and protecting Carla and his business. 

What are his feelings when we see Peter and Carla getting drunk together?
The last thing he wants is them getting closer and Carla starting to realise that Peter was not the killer. It’s crucial for him to keep dripping the poison in Carla’s ear and get her believing that Peter murdered Tina.

Is Carla his absolute priority now – especially since she’s lost the baby?
Carla and Tracy are his priority – if it ever looked like they were going to take the rap for the murder he would not have let that happen. He would die for them and confess but, as it is, Peter is in the frame and he has no issue with that.

Is any part of him glad that Tina is dead after what she did to Carla?
He really tries not to think about Tina. He is just focusing on Peter – he has demons and he’s a man on the edge, but he has to keep a cool head. If he started to think about Tina, he would not be able to cope with the guilt.

Why did he panic when Carla was questioned by the police?
The last thing he would want is for Carla to take the blame; he hadn’t counted on her being the one to find Tina and therefore becoming a suspect. What he wants is for Peter to be arrested and charged.

Why does Rob go to Tina’s funeral – would it look suspicious if he didn’t go?
It’s the last thing he wants to do. He had no plans to go at all, but Carla asks him to go with her. He’s told Carla that he’s there for her, even more so since she lost the baby. It wouldn’t look suspicious if he didn’t go as at no point does anyone have any suspicions about him in relation to Tina’s murder. But he knows he can’t let Carla down.

How come he starts fighting with Peter at the funeral?
Peter turns up drunk and sits brooding in the church. Carla is really upset and it pushes Rob over the edge. So  weeks of guilt and anger at Peter all comes to a head. In the end, he and Peter are both taken away by the police.

Does Carla have any suspicions of Rob?
None at all – this is the thing that it is making it so easy for Rob to be mouthing off about Peter. It isn’t as if anyone has any suspicions about Rob – he has no motive for attacking Tina that anyone is aware of. Only the viewer knew that they had words and that she was threatening to expose him and Tracy.

How has the public reacted since Rob was revealed as the killer?
I’ve actually been really pleased with the reaction. It’s mostly been people joking and asking if they’re safe around me. I just laugh and tell them that I haven’t got my iron bar with me.

Is he happy with Tracy – are they meant to be together?
He and Tracy are a perfect match. He certainly wasn’t looking to settle down and he had a few wobbles along the way, but Tracy took him by surprise and the feelings crept up on him. She’s like no one he has met before and he does really want to be with her. She makes him laugh and he totally understands her.

Will they get as far as a wedding?
A wedding is most certainly on the cards and as Tracy is in charge of it all I would imagine everything will be beautifully overstated in every way! She wants to show the world that they have made it, for Tracy it is all about people’s perception of her and of them as a couple.


And what kind of future is Rob facing?
Well, once you are told that you are going to murder someone in a soap, you know that your time is limited. I do know when I am leaving, but there are so many twists and turns in the storyline that I don’t want to reveal that just yet.