Coronation Street spoilers: Hayley Tamaddon reveals all about Andrea’s secret husband Neil

"She feels as though the marriage died a long time ago - Andrea has found something completely different with Lloyd"

The secret double life of Lloyd’s girlfriend Andrea Beckett is be exposed to viewers in the coming weeks when her husband Neil (William Travis) arrives home from Nigeria. But where does this leave cabbie Lloyd (Craig Charles), who Andrea has been dating these past few months? Here, actress Hayley Tamaddon tells us about Andrea’s relationship with Neil and whether Lloyd is set for heartbreak…


So, what’s the backstory as concerns Andrea’s relationship with her husband?
Andrea has been married for 20 years but her husband, Neil, works away. He doesn’t come home much and Andrea’s on her own a lot. On this occasion, Neil has been away for four months and comes home to visit – but in the four months that he’s been away, Andrea has fallen head over heels for someone else. Andrea’s been living a very boring life and has had a lifeless marriage with Neil working away so often. 

When her husband returns, does Andrea feel guilty? Does it feel like she’s been having an affair or is her marriage dead?
She certainly feels as though the marriage died a long time ago, and as though she and Neil are just friends. Andrea has found something completely different with Lloyd – he makes her laugh and feel special and he’s a constant in her life; something she’s been lacking in her marriage to Neil. She’s not had a bad life with her husband, it’s just become so boring and mundane after 20 years of feeling as though she lives alone. The love’s gone.

How has she been able to hide it from Lloyd?
She’s hidden it very well with Lloyd. Andrea’s made no mistake in telling Lloyd that she wants to take things slowly and one step at a time. She hasn’t even allowed Lloyd to stay over at hers as she’s well aware that that’s her marital home. I don’t think she’s a bad person – I just think she’s lied so much now that it’s completely out of control. What started off as a bit of fun has now turned into her being madly in love. 

Why didn’t she tell Lloyd the truth from the start?
To begin with, she didn’t think anything would come of it. It was always just a bit of flirting – she flirted with Steve, then she met Lloyd and flirted with him. It was all just a bit of fun for her because there was nobody at home to keep her company. What started off as harmless soon developed into love for her and Lloyd and the lies just got bigger and they spiralled. 

How does she react when Lloyd asks her to move in with him?
She’s cagey. She obviously wants to move in with him – it would be the best thing in the world, but she can’t. How could she? She has a marital home and how would she explain it to her husband if she moved out. At some stage, Andrea is going to have to tell Neil and she knows that but it’s too hard for her to do. Andrea kind of says that yes, she will move in with him, but she just doesn’t know when that will be.

So what are her intentions when Neil returns?
Her intentions are to tell her husband that it’s over. She just needs to find the right time and courage and she knows it’ll take her a while to find the strength to do it. She doesn’t want to hurt him. Andrea hopes that once she tells her husband it’s over, she can carry on her life with Lloyd. But it depends whether she can keep it from Lloyd once Neil gets back…

Is there any part of Andrea that has enjoyed the excitement of having two men in her life?
No. She’s just completely got caught up in a huge mess that she never intended. Andrea did enjoy the flirty fun at the beginning, but it was always in the back of her mind that what she was doing was going to catch up with her and she couldn’t ignore it forever. There’s no way out for her – she’s fallen in love with Lloyd and she can’t escape that.

How does she feel about Lloyd?
She really does love him. There will always be a chemistry between her and Steve as they have a great friendship, but she is massively in love with Lloyd and they are getting on so well at the minute. 

How would Neil react if he found out about Lloyd?
Neil is a huge softie and I think he would take Andrea back in a heart beat, no matter what she did to him. He’s a teddy bear and would never hurt her. He’s the kind of guy that would say to Andrea that he didn’t care what she’d done, as long as she didn’t leave him. Andrea would be his main priority.


And how do you think Lloyd will react when he finds out?
I hope he will be able to forgive her, but I’ve just filmed some really heartbreaking scenes between them. Who knows what will happen and whether he can forgive her?