Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Rush reveals whether Anna will get back with Owen

Can the pair put the past behind them now that Anna's admitted to sleeping with Phelan?


The truth about her actions with Phelan may have ripped Anna and Owen apart, but the pair look set to keep up appearances for the sake of young Faye (Ellie Leach). In scenes to be shown next week, Anna (Debbie Rush) will be seen telling Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) that she wants him to move back in to prevent Faye from suffering further heartache. But can they really put the past behind them? Here, actress Debbie Rush reveals what happens next in the Windass-Armstrong household:


Anna can’t be surprised by the way Owen reacted to the news that she slept with Phelan – what did she expect?
She expected some understanding from Owen, for him to be able to see the reason why she did what she did and that she didn’t have a choice.

How does Anna feel when Owen tells Gary about it all?
Anna is disgusted with herself, she feels guilty and that it’s her own fault. She also feels violated – the last thing she wanted was for her family to know what she’s done, even if it was for them.

Do you think she should have steered clear of Phelan?
She tried! Inside, she was screaming ‘don’t do it’, but in the end she didn’t feel she had a choice, Phelan is a bad man!

How is Anna coping in the wake of her separation from Owen?
She’s really upset and she’s missing Owen.  Anna is glad the secret is out there because she finally feels that she’s got the weight off her shoulders, but she feels so disgusted with what she’s done.

Is she adamant that there’s no way back for her and Owen?
She’s completely adamant because she cannot understand how Owen doesn’t see that this was not her choice and that she feels violated by what Phelan did.

So how does she end up asking Owen to move back in?
It’s because Faye is so distraught. Faye’s life has been so up and down since she was a small baby and Anna feels that she can’t put her through any more change, so she decides to see if Owen will stay for Faye’s sake. Anna thinks that they can fake it for Faye’s sake.

And how does it affect Anna when Faye starts to notice that things aren’t right?
Anna’s really upset because things were finally starting to look up and Faye was getting a lovely home life. Anna loves her so much, so she’s really upset for Faye that this has happened. But Anna doesn’t want to fight for her relationship with Owen because she can’t forgive him for the way he’s looking at her all the time.

What’s Gary’s reaction to all this – does he think she’s doing the right thing?
Gary is very concerned for his mum that Owen has moved back in because he knows how badly Owen has reacted. I think the public probably expect Gary to go off his head when he finds out what Anna has done, but he’s actually very supportive and feels really guilty. He doesn’t want his mum feeling any worse by having Owen in the house making her feel even more disgusted with herself. 

Does the public want to see Anna and Owen back together?
I think the public really like Owen and Anna together. I’ve had lots and lots of people say to me, “oh, you’re not going to split up, are you? We love Anna and Owen together”. So the general feeling is that they want them to stay together.

What’s been the reaction to Anna’s shock decision to sleep with Phelan?
A lot of people have been shouting in the streets, “we told you he was a bad ‘un” and that they were yelling at the telly for her not to do it. So everybody, and especially women, really understand what she’s done. People have been really supportive of the storyline.

How would you feel if the writers decided to split Anna and Owen up for good?
Very sad because I love working with Ian.


And does the Windass-Armstrong family have more heartache coming up?
There’s plenty more coming up. They’ve had their fair share of heartache already, but there are plenty more consequences to come from what’s happened.