Louis Smith, Beth Tweddle and Nadia Comaneci join BBC1’s gymnastics-themed Tumble

Presented by Alex Jones, the series will see ten celebrities tackle a range of gymnastics skills on live TV. Yes, LIVE TV


First Splash!, now Tumble. It’s been two years since the Olympics and broadcasters are still rolling out their increasingly eccentric sports-based formulas…


But that hasn’t stopped the stars queueing up to appear on BBC1’s new Saturday-night gymnastic-themed contest Tumble. The upcoming series has attracted some big names from the world of gymnastics, headed up by triple Olympic gold medallist Nadia Comaneci who will serve as head judge. 

“I know what it’s like to strive for that perfect 10!” said Comaneci, a gymnastic legend and the first-ever woman to score maximum points at the Olympics. “Your heart is pounding and your palms are sweaty, but when you step out onto that floor, or mount the bars or beam, you have to perform like your life depends on it.

“The celebrities are going to be put through a fitness, gymnastic and acrobatic training regime that’s like nothing they’ll ever have experienced, and I can’t wait to see the results!” 

Joining her on the judging panel is London 2012 medallist – and Strictly Come Dancing champ – Louis Smith alongside Team GB gymnastics captain-turned-broadcaster Craig Heap and cirque artist and aerial performer Sebastian Stella. 

“When you commit to something you’ve got to do it because you want to win,” added Smith. “It’s got to take over your life, your every waking moment. I also know how scary it is to be on a live Saturday-night entertainment show, so I’ll definitely have a bit of empathy with the celebs on that!” 

But before they take on the high bars, beam and floor, the contestants will have a helping hand from Team GB’s Olympic medallist Beth Tweddle who will perform and serve as a mentor on the series. 

Overseeing proceedings is Alex Jones who is “thrilled to be hosting this exciting new show, which is sure to offer jaw-dropping stunts and a visual spectacle.”

“No-one has told me yet whether I will be required to don a leotard or master the balance beams, but I am willing to give it a go,” said the presenter, who earlier this month completed a terrifying 1200-foot rock climb for Sport Relief. “If this year has taught me anything, it is that no challenge is too great or too high!” 


No word yet on who the ten celebrities taking part will be, but we’ve promised an announcement in the coming weeks…