John Cleese v Alan Carr in hilarious food and drink fight – in pictures

Chatty Man takes a turn for the bizarre in tonight's show as the interview becomes an all-out food fight

Tonight Alan Carr welcomes John Cleese to Chatty Man. The host, knowing he was to have a legendary comedy actor on the show, probably spent a fair bit of time coming up with questions, thinking about how to be all reverential and such… but that all goes out of the window as the interview turns into an all-out food and drink fight.


Yep, Cleese and Carr actually spend most of the time just throwing things at each other.

Here’s how it unfolds…

1. Cleese kicks it off with the first drink throw

2. Alan’s looking beat

3. Still not retaliating…

4. Oh wait, he’s gone for it

5. He’s gone for it again!

6. He’s still going. My, my that’s a big bottle of drink

7. Blimey, what is this drink? You certainly get your money’s worth…

8. Uh-oh, is he upset? He started it after all…

9. Nope, never mind, there’s man-hugging, people, there’s man-hugging


See Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight at 10:00pm on Channel 4