Coronation Street spoilers: Tina’s horrific balcony fall – first look pictures

"It was a hard scene to shake off. I was going home a nervous wreck," says actress Michelle Keegan

This is the moment that Coronation Street barmaid Tina McIntyre plunges to the cobbles from the balcony of the builders’ yard after a dramatic confrontation with her killer. The heart-stopping scenes will be screened on Tuesday 27 May as Tina picks a fight with the wrong person and ends falling onto the street below.


But the drama doesn’t end on that fateful night – a twist on Wednesday 28 May will be followed by a police hunt to find the murderer. But viewers will see Tina’s killer desperately try to evade capture and put the police off the scent. But will the culprit succeed in ensuring that an innocent person takes the rap for their crime?

When asked about the filming of the dramatic confrontation, actress Michelle Keegan commeted to “It was hard to shake off. I was going home a nervous wreck. I was doing night shoots as well, so it was very hard to chill out and go to sleep. My body clock was all over the place.”


And it seems that she wasn’t spared some injuries herself: “My neck was in bits for a week because I had to do a stunt off an edge and onto a mattress. It was on the same level, but I had to to fall backwards from standing up. And every time I fell, I jarred my neck. I had to do it about 20 times. Your neck flips back and it really kills.”