When awards ceremonies go wrong

Envelope mix-ups, boob slips and expletives – ahead of tonight's TV Baftas, enjoy some of the best awards night mishaps

Award ceremonies are billed as joyous occasions where we can celebrate the best talent in the business. Nevertheless, a few good old-fashioned mishaps often over-shadow the glitz and glamour…


Envelope error

Last year’s US Daytime Emmy Awards envelope mishap left actress Aisha Tyler in a bit of a pickle.

Ready to announce the winner of ‘outstanding talk show’ Aisha was shocked to discover the name of a different show inside the envelope.

Sharon Osbourne, who was on stage, had a good look over her shoulder. Well you would, wouldn’t you?

“There better be a cocktail waiting at my table,” said Aisha as the organisers scrabbled to find the correct envelope, which revealed actual winner to be The Dr Oz Show. “It’s like saying ‘whoops’ in the operating room” quipped the show’s star Dr Mehmet Oz.

Out foxed

The collaboration of former page 3 model Sam Fox and Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood at the 1989 Brits was a match made in TV hell.

Fumbled lines, missed announcements and a crowd seemingly hell bent on drowning them out left viewers, and winners, completely confused.

The pair’s dramatic height difference meant Sam was often left off camera, too.

If you consider that the clip above is one of the few sections of the show the Brits were happy to officially post on YouTube, you’ll get an idea of how bad the rest of it was…

Next Top… wait

You know what it’s like on these reality shows. There’s the big build up to the winner’s announcement, the long pause before the presenter reveals who it is, the winner gushes, the runner-up says something gracious… then you’re told, actually, you haven’t won. Ouch.

For 2010 Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Kelsey, her win lasted all of about two minutes, before presenter Sarah Murdoch had to admit she’d been fed the wrong name and the actual winner was Amanda. Sarah said she felt “sick” as Kelsey was told to wait with her and Amanda was sent trotting off down the winner’s catwalk. 

Taylor Swift gets ‘Kanyed’

‘Kanyed’ has become a household term, namely for when singer Kanye West has done something news worthy.

Country singer Taylor Swift found herself the victim of a Kanye stunt, after he marched onto the stage while she was accepting her Best Female Video award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Kanye yelled, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. The best videos of all time.”

Beyonce looked embarrassed. Taylor look embarrassed. The crowd looked embarrassed. Kayne got booed.

Some may call that karma. 

A whole lot of Judy


Dress malfunctions are ten to the dozen these days (rips, tears, see through, nip slips, it’s all going on), but this Judy Finnigan classic continues to do the rounds a good thirteen years later.

Hopping up on stage to collect a National Television Award in 2000 for This Morning, Judy was completely unaware for several seconds that her dress strap had broken. Meanwhile, her bra got a good airing on live TV.

Richard thought everyone was cheering at something hilarious he’d said before. They weren’t. It was all about Judy’s bosom. Luckily John Leslie gallantly ran onstage to let her know she was giving viewers a bit of an eyeful.

Richard took it in his stride: “If you vote for us next year, she’ll show you both of them.” 

Opportunity knocks

If Sacha Baron Cohen is dropping into an award ceremony – celebs beware.

Rapper Eminem learnt this lesson in 2009. Dressed as his then latest character Bruno – clad in an extremely revealing angel outfit – Sacha literally descended into the crowd on a seemingly malfunctioning wire.

Landing upside down with his legs around Eminem’s head the crowd went wild.

“Are you serious?” Eminem can be heard yelling, in a gag that was later revealed as being completely staged, including Eminem’s stroppy exit from the awards. But it was still good fun at the time.

Stars and…


Tennis champ Serena Williams was busy enjoying top spot on the podium at the London 2012 Olympics Ladies Gold Medal match. Her medal was in place, her flowers were there, Wimbledon was looking lovely, the anthem was playing… and then the American flag flew away.


Serena chuckled away with runner-up Sharapova, while the crowd gasped… and took photos.

Kristen in a stew

Never one to be cool as a cucumber in front of the cameras, Twilight star Kristen Stewart managed to drop her award (with style it has to be said), moments after being given it.

The heavy popcorn-inspired trophy got the better of Kristen, sliding out of her hands as she swung it around.

Kristen said, “I was about as awkward as you thought I was going to be, bye!”

The best bit? The quick cut to Robert Pattinson in the crowd laughing.

Cordoned off

Ah, Adele. Proud as punch to be up on stage accepting Best British Album at the Brits 2012.

There she was telling the crowd how proud she was to be British and to fly the flag for her country – but host James Corden was getting the hurry up from show producers.


Bumbling onto stage while Adele was mid-flow, James apologised before trying to gently cut her off. Adele quickly caught on, yelling, “I’ll see you next year,” with a quick hand gesture that unfortunately for Blur, over-shadowed their performance.