Dawn French: Brad Pitt snogged me

Comedian reveals moment she shocked Jennifer Saunders as Hollywood actor "passionately" kissed her

Dawn French may very well have the chat show anecdote to beat all anecdotes – she got Brad Pitt to snog her.


Right in the middle of a restaurant, too. 

“I was in a restaurant with Jen [Saunders] and [filmmaker] Terry Gilliam walked in with Brad Pitt,” French tells chat show host Graham Norton.

“I passed a note to Terry that said, ‘Make Brad kiss me like he’s in love with me’. I got on with lunch and forgot all about it and suddenly Brad was on my face, kissing me passionately and saying, ‘I’ll call you’.

“Well, Jen’s chin hit the table! It was great.”

A nice story for the comedian to tell on her first upcoming solo tour perhaps? The theme is life lessons and ‘how to get Brad Pitt to kiss you’ seems like a blooming good one to master.

French, who got married last year to charity boss Mark Bignell, says her wedding was a “quiet affair”. Of the proposal, she says:

“It was in a gondola in Venice – I know that sounds clichéd, but what he did do was engage the gondolier in a big, 40-minute conversation about the sewage system of Venice and then he asked me!”

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