What if celebrity Twitter followers were countries?

Is it time for a celebrity globe? Emma Daly's putting social media superstars on the map...

Twitter isn’t just a place to send out your 140-character or less tweets into the online abyss. It’s a place to earn followers. 


The ten famous faces below are really rather good at that. Twitaholic keeps track of which people and companies have the most followers, and at the moment they are the top ten individual people.

A rough guide so to speak. These are popular people and their counter is ticking away all of the time. 

But what do those huge figures mean in real terms? Well, if you compare them to the populations of various countries (another constantly changing counter, stay with us), this is how it plays out… 

Katy Perry: @katyperry

The Firework singer has 52, 964,181 followers, putting her around the same mark as South Africa, with a population of 51, 770, 560 people

Justin Bieber: @justinbieber

The pop star has 51, 475, 844 followers which is more than the population of Colombia at 48, 321, 405

Barack Obama: @BarackObama and Lady Gaga: @ladygaga

The President of the United States has 42, 982, 276 followers, while Lady Gaga has 41, 373, 743 putting them both above the population of Argentina, which is estimated at 40, 000, 000

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 and Britney Spears: @britneyspears

Country singing sensation Taylor Swift has a haul of 40, 736, 514 Twitter followers while Britney Spears has 37, 138, 787. This puts the two stars in the range of Poland’s population of 38, 000, 000

Rihanna: @rihanna

Global superstar singer Rihanna boasts 34, 938, 700 followers on Twitter, just ahead of Canada’s population of 33, 625, 989

Justin Timberlake: @jtimberlake

Mr Timberlake can rock his body to 31, 751, 801 followers, which puts him close to Uganda’s population of 32, 000, 000

Ellen DeGeneres: @TheEllenShow

US chat show host Ellen has a peachy 28, 656, 346 Twitter followers (although perhaps we should have taken into account that Oscars selfie retweet figure to get her higher on the list) which is more than the population of Nepal at 26, 620, 000

Jennifer Lopez: @JLo

Jenny from the block has 27, 315, 849 Twitter followers which puts the singer ahead of Ghana with a population of 25, 000, 000.