Russell Brand could be the next Charlie Chaplin says silent film legend’s granddaughter Oona

Game of Thrones and The Crimson Field actress says that the controversial British comedian and actor has almost everything it takes to be the next screen legend... almost

Russell Brand could have what it takes to be the next Charlie Chaplin, says the legendary screen actor’s granddaughter Oona.


Speaking exclusively to at the Series Mania conference in Paris, the Game of Thrones star said that Brand is the modern talent who could potentially take the mantle of her illustrious ancestor – if only he could make more people cry.

“We have been waiting for another one – my grandfather was a unique talent,” said the actress who can currently be seen in BBC1 drama The Crimson Field.

“He did something that hasn’t been done since which is make people laugh, cry, think, hope and get angry in the best possible way all at once. I am really waiting for another Chaplin. Let’s see who pops up, who’s going to be the hero.”

And guess who came to mind…

“I have to say if Russell Brand moved people that would be it,” she added. “He is thoughtful, he is provocative. He is incredibly intelligent, he is incredibly hard working, hugely talented and hilarious.

“But he hasn’t really made people cry, moved people emotionally in the way Chaplin did. But he is the closest man there is to him. He hasn’t moved people in that way – yet.

“I don’t know him but I would love to.”

The actress said that early in her career she considered dropping the Chaplin name but was dissuaded by her mother.

“She said at the end of the day you need all the help you can get,” added Chaplin. “A beautiful actress wouldn’t f*** up her face to prove that she didn’t get a role because of her looks.

“The name has been more of a help than a hindrance. The name Chaplin is a name that provokes a lot of affection from a lot of people. Everyone loves him. I have never heard people say ‘oh Chaplin he wasn’t that great’. He inspired a lot of affection in people.”