Coronation Street spoilers: “Fiz accuses Tyrone of having feelings for Maria”, says Jennie McAlpine

"Tyrone tells her he’s stressed enough as it is without him starting an affair with Maria. Everyone will be shouting at the screen," adds the actress

Fiz is to grow increasingly jealous next week of the closeness between Tyrone and Maria, especially when she catches the pair hugging in the Rovers. With her doubts festering about the pair’s friendship, just what will Fiz do? Here, Jennie McAlpine tells us all about the latest developments and reveals how Fiz would react were she to discover that Maria is secretly manipulating the situation to her advantage…


How does Fiz feel about Tyrone and Maria’s friendship at the minute, especially considering their past relationship?
At first, she doesn’t even notice anything is particularly different; they’ve always been friends. But Fiz starts to notice them gradually spending more together and she starts to question why that is. Fiz keeps seeing them speaking to each other alone and Tyrone is always coming home and saying he was speaking to Maria. Her name just seems to keep cropping up. Fiz doesn’t know whether she’s just being paranoid or whether there actually is something to be worried about.

Do you think Fiz still has any feelings of guilt for stealing Tyrone off Maria all those years ago?
Oh no! Not at all. That was such a long time ago. It’s all water under the bridge. But who knows? Maria might pull it out of the bag down the line as ammunition!

How does Fiz find out that Tyrone has been confiding in Maria about the texts from Kirsty?
Fiz had previously asked him not to hold anything back from her, that they weren’t to have any secrets and that she wanted to know every time he got a text from Kirsty’s number. One night, Tyrone gets a text and dismisses it when Fiz asks who it’s from. So when he puts the phone down and leaves the room, she sees a text from Kirsty and also one from Maria – saying that she’s there if he ever wants to talk. When Fiz confronts Tyrone about it, he tells Fiz that Maria was the one who told him not to tell her about the text messages.

How does she feel about that?
She demands to know why he’s confiding in another woman rather than her. She’s really really hurt to think that he would rather talk to Maria about his problems than to her. That’s the point where Fiz really starts to wonder whether there’s something more going on.

At that point then does she get an inkling that Maria has an ulterior motive?
I’m not sure she thinks Maria has a motive as such, but maybe she does think that Maria isn’t playing fair. Fiz has to think that it’s not Tyrone, so it must be Maria who is leading Tyrone astray and Tyrone can’t see it. Fiz is definitely starting to think that it has to be the other woman’s fault, and not her man! But really, Tyrone is a little to blame. He’s being a bit naive.

Does Fiz tell Tyrone that she’s jealous of his friendship with Maria?
Yes. She accuses Tyrone of having feelings for Maria. Fiz sees them in the pub together and Fiz walks in just as Tyrone is hugging Maria. Fiz storms out and Tyrone asks her what’s wrong. She tells him he should be more sensitive sometimes and how easy it would be easy for her to feel jealous of Maria. Tyrone tells her not to be so crazy and says that with everything going on with the texts from Kirsty, it wouldn’t be the best time to be embarking on an affair! Tyrone tells her he’s stressed enough as it is without him starting an affair with Maria. Everyone will be shouting at the screen I reckon.

When Maria tells her that she wants to be there for both her and Tyrone, does that appease Fiz?
Yes it does. It turns everything around and results in Fiz being the one left feeling guilty – she ends up apologising to Maria and hugging her. She blames it on the fact that she’s so stressed at the minute with Kirsty back on the scene and that she’s got so much on her mind. She tells Maria that she knows she shouldn’t have turned on her ‘friend’. Maria probably has a pang of guilt at that point.

Do you think Fiz still feels as though her and Tyrone are unbreakable because of what they’ve been through?
Fiz now questions whether they are as solid as she always thought they were. Maria is obviously turning Tyrone’s head – at least that’s what it looks like to Fiz.

Does Fiz have any suspicions at all that the texts aren’t coming from Kirsty?
No not at all. That doesn’t even cross her mind – why would it?

Do you think Fiz is still sympathetic towards Maria after what has happened with Todd and Marcus?
Yes, I think so. But I think she’s still a little doubtful as to her intentions with Tyrone. Perhaps Fiz is trying to tell herself that Maria is doting on Tyrone because she’s lost the man in her life recently and needs some male support.

If Fiz does find out that it’s Maria behind the texts, how would she react?
She would be completely gobsmacked. It would be a complete blow to everyone.

Would she be able to forgive her down the line?
Knowing Fiz, I think she will.

And will Fiz be able to forgive Tyrone for confiding in Maria rather than her?
She’s really cross about it. It makes their relationship a little different because it’s come between them. Fiz will never know or not whether he really did fancy Maria and whether he did feel as though he was having his head turned by her. She just has to take his word for it. There will definitely be some trust issues that they both have to work on.